SILVERA to release sophomore album in August

SILVERA to release sophomore album in August

Produced by Jacob Hansen (Epica, Delain, Arch Enemy)

Coming from the same country that offered Volbeat and D-A-D to the world, SILVERA stands for hard rock with a modern twist and timeless melodies. More than taking the legacy of Denmarks’s rock and metal music, the nordic four-piece started building their own history in 2020 with “Edge Of The World”, the debut album that put them on the map of all modern hard rock lovers. Songs such as “Generation Z” and “Light In Life” immediately took off in streaming services, gathering more than one million hits each and starting the anticipation for Silvera’s sophomore album right there.

Enter “World Behind Doors”. On their second album, Silvera endeavored to maintain the core elements of their own sound while also expanding the horizons. This led the four-piece to experiment with new techniques, such as incorporating harsh vocals into one of the songs and composing three new tracks in the studio. This departure from their previous approach, where the foundational elements of songs were typically established prior to entering the studio, allowed for a fresh creative process. The result: an even fresher set of songs, taking the best elements of metal rock and everything in between and putting them together to create songs that really stand out.

“World Behind Doors” will be released on LP (yellow vinyl, limited to 100 copies), digipack CD and digital formats on August 23rd, 2024 via Mighty Music. Pre-orders are available here.

Once again, all the music was meticulously recorded at Hansen Studios, with Jacob Hansen (Anette Olzon, Arch Enemy, Delain, Epica) playing a pivotal role in preserving the essence of the Silvera sound. His guidance in discerning which elements of the songs to emphasize proved invaluable, and his dedication truly shone through in the final product. Additionally, the vocals were expertly recorded at Martin Buus’ studio, where Martin’s skillful production not only enhanced Michael Krogh’s vocal range but also fostered a seamless collaboration between them. The synergy between Martin and Michael exceeded any expectations, resulting in an album that surpassed the band’s initial vision.

On this album, akin to their first release, Silvera are thrilled to feature collaborations, this time with Dreamshade and Guarnica Mancini from The Gems / Thundermother, all of whom delivered exceptional performances. Their deep understanding of the band’s vision for the songs resulted in interpretations that, once again here, surpassed any expectations.

“World Behind Doors,” has all it takes to propel Silvera toward new heights and make them step into the next level. If there is any justice left in the music business these days, that’s exactly what will happen.

Michael Krogh – guitar & vocals
Simon Krabbesmark – guitar & backing vocals
Rasmus Lindegård Hovde – bass & backing vocals
Martin Nielsen – drums


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